Edition 001 - February 2020.

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Our First Edition we're giving you an exclusive sneak peek into some of our new 2020 range... We reckon what we're offering for 2020 is our best yet and we're super excited for you to see what we've got in the works!
We've also got some general hints and tips, some awesome recipes you've gotta try on your next getaway, our top 5 places to visit in Victoria, plus loads more!

2020 is set to be our biggest year yet; More Brands, More Models, More Options, Better Value. 
We can't wait for you to see what we've got coming.

Hope you enjoy our first E-Newsletter, see you round!

Sarah Horter
Director - Tango Caravans


colours colours colours!

So you've ordered your new van and it's time to pick the colour scheme... Here's a couple of tips to help you get your van looking great. - It's your home away from home after all!

Ordering a new van is super exciting, no doubt about it! Getting the layout right, adding whatever specs needed so your van suits your needs... It's no wonder that colours and decor options are often one of the last considerations taken into account when people are purchasing their dream Caravan! We've compiled a handy guide of what to think about when it comes time to selecting decor for your upcoming van:

1. Consider the size of your van.

Like a room in your home, consider the size of the van you're getting when it comes to decor and colour selections. As a rule of thumb - The larger the van, the more you can get away with darker colour schemes as you'll generally have more lighting (and or) more/larger windows. In a smaller van it's best to pair darker colours with lighter accents (Think Dark Cupboard Doors, Light Benchtops and Neutral Seating and Flooring) or stick to a generally lighter colour scheme to give the feeling of openness.

2. Consider where you use bold colours.

Bold colours are great - If used correctly! There's a couple of things to consider when using bold colours in a van, particularly internally. Sure, selling your van later on down the line isn't at the forefront of your mind when you're ordering your new Caravan - But it is worth keeping in the back of your mind if opting for a particularly bold or daring colour scheme. You may love, orange, for example. In 5/10/however many years down line though if you choose to sell or upgrade, perspective buyers may not love it quite as much. Remember: You have plenty of options of adding colour to your van - Bedspreads, Towels, Scatter Cushions etc can all add a pop of colour to your van and are easy to change as your personal style and what's 'on trend' changes.

new 2020 range now available

We are so proud to introduce you to our latest brand for 2020 - LUXE RV!
Put simply - We believe these are the best Value, Quality Vans in the country right now. 

To say we're excited is an understatement. Our all new LUXE RV range of vans are seriously impressive - Right down to the standard tapware (All black, no less).

With models available from 17'6" to 23ft available in On Road, Semi Off-Road and Off-Road Configurations - We're positive we have a LUXE RV model that'll suit your needs! (And yes - We have Family Models!)


A new class of luxury - The LUXE RV range represent simply unbeatable value and as always we welcome and encourage you to come and inspect our Manufacturers Facility to see from the chassis up just how these Quality Vans are created. Email or call us to arrange an inspection at a day and time that suits you. enquiries@tangocaravans.com.au

We'll have full specs and info on our website up very soon - But with standard inclusions such as Instant Gas Hot Water Service, Black Sinks and Tapware throughout, One Piece Fiberglass Roof... Plus loads more - We just know you're going to be as impressed with these vans as we are!

Want a quote now? 
Let us know what size van you're looking for and what features you want and we'll send you specs, pics and a quote immediately! enquiries@tangocaravans.com.au


our fave accessory right now!

We're sure you don't need an excuse to get another goodie for your van... But if you haven't got this yet, it's for sure worth checking out!

When it comes to Anti theft devices for your van there's a number of options on the market. 
If you're yet to hear of the Saracen Ultra Hitch Lock by Purpleline though, we reckon they're definitely worth a look!

The Ultra model has one stand out feature you won't find in other coupling locks - The ability to fit when the van is both unhitched AND hitched to your towing vehicle. It also lock the trailer chains to provide maximum security when locking the hitch uncoupled.


Made from specially hardened high strength steel which is resistant to cutting and drilling, it incorporates a high-security, 7-pin barrel lock, resistant to picking, drilling and gas freezing. 

When it comes to coupling locks, these are hard to beat!

For more info see: https://www.purpleline.com.au/saracen-ultra/


RRP: $199.95 


5 places to see in victoria!

Well, we reckon they're worth the visit for sure!
Here's our top 5 getaway spots in Victoria... (In no particular order).

1. Dunkeld.

This ones a personal favourite - Gateway to the Southern Grampians, Dunkeld is one of those places that are totally picturesque. A hike up Mount Sturgeon, Mount Abrupt and/or the Piccaninny will reward you with stunning panoramic views - highly recommended!
The Dunkeld Caravan Park is an absolute MUST STAY - The atmosphere and vibe of the park is like nowhere else. Great hosts, great spot; You can't go wrong. 
More info here: https://www.visitvictoria.com/Regions/Grampians/Destinations/Dunkeld

Find out more about Dunkeld Caravan Park here: https://dunkeldcaravanpark.com/

2. Wilsons Promontory.

Packing up my Oma and Opas 1970's Franklin Caravan and heading for a trip to Wilsons Promontory will always be amongst my favourite childhood memories, I can't recommend this place enough. Pristine beaches, Friendly wildlife and awesome walking / hiking tracks are just some of the things to do and see when visiting Wilsons Prom. Be sure to check out Squeaky Beach and Fairy Cove - both are stunning!

For more info and details about what to do and see at Wilsons Prom, click here: https://www.parks.vic.gov.au/places-to-see/parks/wilsons-promontory-national-park

3. Warrnambool.

Family friendly Warrnambool has plenty to see and explore - Have a hit of golf at the prestigious Warrnambool Golf Club, grab a surfboard and hit some waves and of course, experience the Great Ocean Road. We definitely recommend checking out the Fletcher Jones Market, but if markets aren't your thing there's really no shortage of things to experience staying here.
More info here: https://visitwarrnambool.com.au/home/attractions/


4. Mallacoota. 
Victorias Fishing Capital! With a population of less than 1000 - Go and discover for yourself just why that number hits closer to 10,000 during holiday periods... It's hard not to fall in love with this pretty coastal town. Considering it boasts Victorias warmest Winter temperatures, there's never really a bad time to head to Mallacoota in Gippsland.
More info here: https://www.visitmelbourne.com/regions/gippsland/destinations/mallacoota

jack daniels steak.

Trust us, it tastes as good as it sounds.

The longer the steaks marinades, the better - Let these marinade and sit overnight before throwing them on the barbie.

500 - 750g FLANK STEAK.

1 tbsp HOT SAUCE.
1 tbsp HONEY.


Combine all ingredients (except the steak) in a large bowl. Mix well.

Add Steak, cover well and refrigerate overnight.
Remove steak from fridge and let reach room temperature before cooking (Approx. half an hour).
Have BBQ hot and ready to go.
Cook steaks for a few minutes per side to your liking.
Let rest (Approx. 5-10 minutes).
Devour and thank us later.

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